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I might have rushed shooting this roll of black and white film (Ilford HP5 Plus) to test the Olympus, and the time came to develop it. I chose to do it myself of course, and this is how it went.

I bought a cheap starter kit from the local photography shop. It comes with a Paterson tank, a few bits and bobs to make life easier and some Adox chemicals: 100 ml bottles of Adonal (Rodinal), Adofix Plus and Adoflo II (developer, fixer and wetting agent).

Development kit

Black and white development kit and a few more things: measuring cups, clips to hang the film and the film lead extractor.

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Loading the Olympus

April 26, 2023

loading film into camera

If I recall correctly, the last time I loaded a roll of 35 mm film into a camera was about 25 years ago...

Batteries for Old Cameras

April 11, 2023

My 1969 Olympus 35 SP like many other old cameras from the 50s through the 70s used obscure PX625/PX13 1.35 volt mercury-based batteries. These were popular because they could deliver very stable power supply for a very long time, ideal for the purpose of light metering. Because these where mercury-based and mercury is highly toxic for both humans and environment, countries ended up banning them.

Old Camera Battery

A mercury-based Varta V 625 PX battery.

This creates a problem for old camera enthusiasts that were left without suitable replacements for their cameras.

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I got myself an old rangefinder film camera. I did some quick verifications, and although everything seems to be working well, I'd like to test the shutter speeds as cameras tend to get sluggish after decades. This camera is 54 years old so that's to be expected, but I want to know by how much.

So there's an opportunity for a cool little project here.

So how to test the camera's shutter? There are a few Arduino projects for that purpose, but my only Arduino board is in use. I do have a shiny RP2040 board lying around unused that was only used for some quick experiments, so I thought I'd try and make my own version of a shutter tester with parts I already have.

diy shutter speed tester

Behold the shutter speed tester in all its glory and ignore the mess of wires...

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Olympus 35 SP

March 12, 2023

I always wanted to get myself a film rangefinder, so I'm constantly keeping an eye on auction sites for inexpensive rangefinders that I like.

After a few failed bids on various cameras, I found an auction for a 1969 Olympus 35 SP that peaked my interest, it looked ok, despite the description stating that it was "untested but seemed to be in working order". I gave it a try and ended up winning it for a nice price.

Olympus 35 SP Maintenance

The Olympus 35 SP. Don't mind the background mess in my tiny workshop.

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The SNES Classic came out a few days ago and I had to get one. Here are a few notes on this 16-bit time machine.

SNES Classic

The box design is heavily inspired on the original box.

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