This is my 1988 Porsche 944 S and I freakin' love it.

944 on mountain road

The 944 in my favorite mountain road.

I've been a fan of Porsches since being a kid, so I always wanted to own one. The 911 were a bit out of reach (and got even worse), so I kept an eye on the next best thing at acceptable prices, the 944.

When I found a good one I went for it (and sold my motorcycle).

I intended to keep it for a few months, have a bit of fun and then sell it, but I ended up enjoying the car so much that I still have it ten years later, with no intentions of selling it even though 944 prices have been climbing since I bought it.

944 front

Not perfect, it has its scuffs and patina, but it's in pretty good condition.

It's a Zermatt Silver car, without the (heavy) sunroof, with black leather interior and not much more. I like to think that the lack of extras makes it lighter. Who needs air conditioning?

944 interior

Black interior with the characteristic Porsche smell.

Porsche built about 12.000 units of the 944 S in 87 and 88, 8.000 went to the US and 4.000 were alocated to the rest of world. While not the most the desirable of 944 versions, it's still somewhat rare. In Portugal only 7 units were sold (mine is not one them, it's originally a french car).