I Tried a Nintendo Switch

Mar 6, 2017

The Nintendo Switch The Nintendo Switch in handheld configuration.

The Switch was released a few days ago, and I had the chance to try it out for a few minutes.

It’s a cool the concept, a home/portable hybrid console, and is beautifully designed, almost like an Apple product. It doesn’t look like a toy anymore, and maybe because of that, it doesn’t feel as sturdy, child-proof and capable of rough handling as previous Nintendo machines. The console sits nicely in the hands, but because it’s wide it feels a bit weird to have the hands that far apart, but not uncomfortable at all.

Tried it first in home configuration, with the controllers attached to the grip, and it felt pretty good. The Switch was running Zelda Breath of the Wild, and while it looks decent, it has this hazy/cloudy look that makes the colours a bit washed out. But when I switched to the handheld configuration, it looked way better than on TV 1. Colours were looking an order of magnitude better, and the hazy/cloudy effect less pronounced.

I love Zelda games, and I think this Zelda game might be the best Zelda game, ever.

Also, because of years of playing XBox and Playstation games, I realize that my brain completely switched the placement of A and B buttons and it’s hard to go back to the Nintendo button pattern.

So, do I want one? Yes!

  1. It’s possible that the screen wasn’t properly set up or too crappy. [return]