I've Driven a Porsche 911 Targa 4S

May 21, 2016

Porsche 911 Targa 4S The awesome Porsche 911 Targa 4S.

At the Transaxle Meeting, the nice people at the Porsche Center in Faro asked me if I wanted to test drive a 911. I tried to stay say yes calmly, but I think it was an octave or two higher than what I wished for.

I signed the disclaimer form 1, they handed me the key and pointed to a beautiful metallic grey 911 Targa 4S with black wheels parked outside. Opened the door, got in. First impression: this thing is small inside. The car is big, but the chocolate brown interior feels small and cozy. I like it a lot. Second impression: the seats, even if they have way more adjustments than the ones in my 944, are very familiar, the seating position is almost the same.

I put the key in, started the engine. Oh my god. Oh my god. That exhaust noise! I pressed the “More Noise” button in the center console anyway, because why not? I couldn’t notice the difference, but if they tell me it makes more noise, I believe. Hell, I believed in god in that moment.

Got the PDK gearbox in drive, made a mental note to not use my left foot and off I went. When I got out of the access road and arrived to the main road, I looked around to see if anyone was near me. No one. Right foot down, the engine revved, and in what appeared to me as instantly, the speedometer needle pointed to an obscene number. I forgot to breathe and was gasping for air. The machine looks like it’s on rails. No sideways movement, nothing. On rails. I guess the all wheel drive and traction control does its job very well.

Repeated that a few times because it’s inebriating, tried the gearbox in manual mode, played around with the different modes and buttons, and took it back to the Porsche Center.

What a fantastic machine.

  1. For a 180k euros car. Scary. [return]