Jan 25, 2016

Journey Journey is a masterpiece.

It’s hard to describe Journey. It’s a videogame with common concepts like character evolution, exploration, puzzle solving and even cooperative multiplaying 1, yet it feels like something else entirely. It’s an experience, an emotional one. It has breathtaking visuals and beautiful music. The story is simple, yet not one word is told, it’s all visual and sound. Every component of it is so perfectly blended.

You are a mysterious creature in a robe and a scarf, that finds itself in the middle of the desert with nothing around, except sand and the sight of a mountain in the horizon, and without being told anything, you start your journey. The objective is never explicitly stated and neither the reasons. Controls are simple, you move around, jump and make a noise - a music note. Those are your abilities for your journey.

The thing is a masterpiece. I couldn’t stop playing, and finished it in one afternoon, in about 5 hours, and I took my time exploring. If anything can be reproached to this game, is that it could be longer. I didn’t want it to end, but what an experience.

If there’s a game that could be classified as art, it’s Journey.

  1. John Siracusa has written about the multiplayer component in Journey (and more) way better than I could. [return]