John Wick

Feb 17, 2015

John Wick John Wick pissed off.

I’ve read a few bad reviews and opinions when this movie was released in theaters, and decided to pass on it. I ended up watching it when it was released in Blue-ray, and was blown away by it. This is a movie that should be watched in a theater. That’ll teach me to believe in other people’s opinion in the internet.

It’s a very simple revenge story: A retired hitman seeks for revenge when a russian boss’s son comes to his house to steal his 1969 Mustang, and ends up killing his puppy in the process, a posthumous gift from his wife.

It’s a movie full of bad guys getting killed in the most diverse ways by John Wick, blood everywhere, but all done with great choreography. It’s so ridiculous, that it becomes great. I also loved the mythology and sub world of hitmen they created. It’s so well done that it refreshes the action movie genre.

I can’t wait for a sequel.