iMac After Two Months

May 30, 2017

iMac 5K Of course I’ve cleaned the desk for the photo. It never looks like this.

After two month of heavy use, I’m very pleased with the iMac 5K. It’s acceptably fast for the use I give it, mainly iOS/tvOS/web development and graphic tools. The 27-inch screen is amazing and I think that perhaps I’m getting a bit too spoiled with it because all other screens look like rubbish now.

Regarding noise and heat - one of my main gripes with computers, and one area I’ve heard complains with the iMac - no problems whatsoever, even though the summer hasn’t hit full blast, the fan is barely audible and always at minimum speed, although you can hear the Fusion Drive’s spinning disk, but it’s not loud at all. Let’s wait for the summer, maybe my opinion will change.

I got the iMac with a Magic Keyboard and a Magic Trackpad. The Magic Keyboard, is nice, nothing to write home about, but I do miss the keyboard backlight of the Macbook Pro. The trackpad is great, I barely use my Magic Mouse anymore.

The big surprise was the sound, I expected it would suck and would have to buy external speakers. I don’t know what kind of magic they did with the speakers, because the grills are tiny and the sound is amazing.

The thing that annoys me the most is the SD Card slot, while it’s great that it’s there (looking at you new Macbook Pro), the location of it is annoying, it’s located in the back near the ports and that makes it hard to insert a card straight while sitting in front of the computer. The side slot on old iMacs was way better.