Ghost in the Shell

Dec 6, 2017

Ghost in the Shell Ghost in the Shell.

I haven’t had the chance to watch the newer Ghost in the Shell movie when it came out, but because I’m a fan of the original anime and manga, I wanted to see it, so it’s done now.

I’ll get it out the way: I didn’t like it.

The story is based on parts of the original anime/manga and parts of the Stand Alone Complex story of the animated series (and other sprinkles here and there), and they’re great stories originally, but it’s very hard to take two stories, and condense it into one good and profound story. It feels shallow and rushed, unlike the source material.

Some scenes are a carbon copy of scenes in the original anime, and they are actually well done, but they seem to have been grafted into the movie without being backed by the story, leaving a sense of disconnection through out.

Not all is bad, the visuals are impressive, the casting is ok and the music is inspired from Kenji Kawai’s awesome music from the anime (his main theme is included).

Unfortunately the movie crumbled under its own weight, lacking the magic, feel, depth and philosophical themes of the original source and that’s a shame.