Game Boy and Super Nintendo

Jun 19, 2015

Super Famicom Japan’s Super Famicom has the same design as the Europe’s Super Nintendo.

My dad bought me my first console, the Game Boy, in a shady Tetouan souk in Morroco in 91. To this day, I haven’t seen a comparable mall with tech and electronic stores able to compete with that surreal souk. The Game Boy was bundled with Tetris, but he also got me a pirate cartridge with 54 games, full of the biggest early titles but most were japanese games (fun nonetheless even if I didn’t understood one kanji).

At the time I traveled every few months, so the Game Boy was a great travel companion and the battery life was really good. I loved that little machine so much that it got me curious on what else Nintendo had done, so I saved money for a few months and got myself a Super Nintendo bundled with Super Mario World in late 92.

At the time in Portugal, Sega was dominant, even buying games for Super Nintendo was hard. Everybody had the rival console, the Mega Drive, and it was almost impossible to find other Nintendo players to trade games with, but a cousin of someone’s friend had a Super Nintendo with Zelda! So I managed to convice the kid to lend me the game for 2 days. Couldn’t finish it in that time, but the damage was done. Instant Zelda fan. Ended up getting the game a few months later and it is still my favorite Zelda game.

I’ve been a computer gamer before 1, and even though games were technically superior on computers, I realized that games made by Nintendo were way more fun, and I became a big Nintendo fan. At the time I still played on PC, and I remember many great games for PC, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as playing on a console, I guess the combination of great games, playing on the sofa or bed, with controllers and hooked to a big TV were a better experience than my hot and noisy PC.

I have since owned a DS Lite and a Wii (and played a bunch of Nintendo 64 and GameCube). I am still a big Nintendo fan, and I’m always keeping an eye on what they do, but the Wii U doesn’t cut it for me. I’m waiting to see what they’ll do next.

  1. I’ve played on a Timex 2048, Atari 800XL, Amiga 500 and a 386 PC before my first console. Not all were mine, but my best friend was my neighbour next door, so it didn’t matter. [return]