Four Years of 944

Sep 19, 2017

The 944 in the mountains at dusk The 944 in the mountains at dusk. Pop up headlights are always cool.

I bought my 944 four years ago. I intended to keep it for a few months and then sell it, but fell in love with it and now I don’t think I’m going to sell it even if their value has more than doubled or tripled since I got it. I’ve had good offers to buy it from more than a bunch of people. Even the former owners regret selling it.

It’s been a really great car, way better than I expected. I love to drive it, and even though I don’t drive it as much as I would like, every time I take the wheel I feel like a little kid again.

Current Status

Now that my father is in town, I took the opportunity (and his know-how 1) to replace the rear crankshaft seal that was left leaking from the clutch job last year 2. It’s a massive job that requires the removal of most of the transmission out of the car. It took us a few days, but it’s done, it doesn’t leak oil anymore and the car is back on the road again.

I’m all bruised of working on the car, but pretty happy!

  1. Retired chief mechanic at Honda. [return]
  2. It didn’t stop the car, I still drove it every now and then, it was only a small leak, but an annoying one that risked contaminating the brand new clutch and ruining it. [return]