Apr 4, 2016

Destiny Destiny.

Destiny is a weird hybrid between several videogame genres that is hard to categorize: It’s an FPS, and Bungie excelled at it with the Halo franchise; It has elements of an RPG, with a personalised character, who has to choose between different classes and subclasses, evolution through leveling allocating points in an ability tree, and the usual grind for loot and resources. It also has some sprinkles of MMORPG, you can find other players in the game to collaborate in achieving a mutual goal in several activities. There are some rock solid multiplayer modes with great maps, like the ones you’d find and expect in Halo games.

I got Destiny on XBox 360 a few months after it was released and although it was lacking in a lot of areas, I found it fun to play nonetheless. My main criticism about Destiny is the lack of story content and the short solo campaign. I’m not much of a multiplayer gamer, so I rarely go to the Crucible, but the ocasional co-op in the campaign or in strikes with random players felt really good.

After the The Taken King expansion, I got it on PS4 and had to level another character, because importing a character from another platform is impossible. Playing it all over again wasn’t annoying at all, I enjoyed some parts even more than the first time around, maybe because of a combination of the added eye candy in the PS4 version and the successful changes they made in gameplay. I did found The Taken King a way better game as a whole than what they have given us on launch.