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I Bought a Porsche

Sep 24, 2013

I love cars since I was a kid. I’m one of those kids who had poster with Porsche racing cars on the wall (the 70’s 911 RSR with Martini stripes) and one of my dreams was having a 911, but unfortunately the classic 911 are pretty much out of reach right now so I set to look for the next best thing: The 944.

Porsche 944S My 944 S on a mountain road.

For a few months I wasn’t convinced, cars I’ve seen were a bit out of shape, not well looked after or had a bit of bad luck, and that’s normal, they are about 22 to 30 years old, even though they are very sturdy and well built machines. But then I stumbled on an ad with a nice silver 1988 944 S that was almost the right price, hopped on the train, with a one-way ticket - just in case - and went to Cascais to take a look at it. Good price after negotiation, all original, good service history, well looked after and very nice to drive. It was not perfect, but better than good enough, and way better than other 944’s I’ve seen. I did not go back home by train.

I got home with a big smile on my face.

The next morning, there was a oil puddle on the floor. A power steering fluid leak from reservoir tank. No biggy and easily resolved with a new hose clamp.