I Bought a Motorcycle

Feb 8, 2012

Honda CX500 Honda CX500 C.

I don’t even have a motorcycle licence (yet), and I bought a motorcycle. It’s an Honda CX500 C. It’s a motorcycle I have always loved, despite its reputation of being ugly 1, mainly because of the weird looking V2 500cc engine and how it’s anchored to the frame. So I always kept an eye on internet ads. When I found a cheap one not far away, I jumped on the opportunity.

This one is not the regular version, it’s the C version that has a Cruiser look. It’s less ugly than the regular version that I would have prefered but for what I intend to do with it, it’s perfectly fine.

It’s not in very good shape, it has loads of rust on it, but the engine apparently runs and sounds great. I intend to restore it and modify it heavily.

  1. Germans called it “g├╝llepumpe” which means “Shit pump” or “Manure pump”. Others called it the “Plastic Maggot”. Funny. [return]