Backup Computer

Feb 1, 2017

My faithful 2008 Macbook Pro died. It was a great computer. I need a new computer, but in the meantime here is what’s been my backup computer for the last few days - an iPad, hooked up to a crappy $10 bluetooth keyboard, an equally crappy stand and a Raspberry Pi 3.

iPad Terminal My iPad Terminal.

The immediate work I have is mostly backend web related, I can live without a Mac for some time, so I set up the headless Raspberry Pi 3 to run the services I needed and I must say I’m very impressed with it’s performance. It’s running docker containers like a champion without complaining. I think the Raspberry Pi 3 might be the best Linux computer out there.

Raspberry Pi 3 The Raspberry Pi 3. Impressive little thing.

For the iPad, I’m using Panic’s Coda and Prompt, and it’s fairly acceptable, even if I found some annoying bugs in both these apps, but it’ll do for now.