Apple TV

Dec 21, 2015

I’ve been using a WDTV device as a media player for years, with mixed results. I have it connected to the shared hard drive of the Airport Extreme where I throw all my media files. And it works, not much else, it reads all video formats I need, but it’s a bit buggy, very slow and not enjoyable to use at all.

Apple TV The Apple TV is a black plastic box that mixes glossy and matte plastics, not really exciting.

I had to get an Apple TV for a work project I’m working on, so I took the chance to test how it fares as a media player for the living room. For my kind of use case, the Apple TV is pretty useless out of the box, it doesn’t connect to a shared hard drive and read all media formats, but there’s a pretty cool app that does just that: Infuse. Infuse reads pretty much all video formats I need, has subtitles support, it’s very reliable and a joy to use.

My only problem with the Apple TV is the remote. It’s not good. A remote is something that is supposed to be used in the dark. When you grab it, it should be immediately clear if you’re pointing it the right way and that doesn’t happen because it’s too symmetrical. This makes it prone to accidental inputs by your palm or fingers and screws up what you’re watching. I also get the feeling that it may not like to be dropped on the hard floor too much as the trackpad part is made of glass.

Anyway, the Apple TV ended up replacing the WDTV under my TV and I’m pretty happy about it overall.