944 Maintenance

Nov 14, 2014

Porsche 944S Parts for the big 944 maintenance.

My father will be here soon, so I will take advantage of him for the big 944 maintenance. He is a retired professional mechanic, he worked at Honda a few years ago, so everything is a bit more natural to him. I am just a tinkerer.

I’ve already done a small maintenance when I bought the car, changing the air filter, spark plugs and battery, also bled the brakes. But this time I want to change the timing belts 1, cam chain, pulleys, water pump and the front wheel bearings.

In the first days I got the car, I also changed a thermo-switch in the radiator, it was stuck and the fan would not stop, draining the battery.

  1. There are two timing belts: one regular for the cams and another for the balance shafts (weights to smooth out the engine). [return]